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Hesperides Organica

Warwick, NY 10990

(845) 216-1282

Hesperides Organica

Hesperides Organica Farm

In Greek mythology, the Hesperides are nymphs who tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world, located near the mountains on a distant blessed island.  We tend a blissful 12 (now 88) acres of rich, fertile soil in the western corner of Orange County, York of New in the shadow of Mounts Adam and Eve near the Island of Pine.

Hesperides Organica Farm, established in 2007, is located in the heart of the “Black Dirt” region where this fertile soil was formed 12,000 years ago when the glacier receded leaving behind deep layers of decayed plant matter.  Once called the “drowned lands” the early Polish, German and Dutch settlers drained the bogs with a network of hand-dug ditches revealing richly organic soil with up to 90% organic matter (most farmland has 5%) and up to 40 feet deep.  The Black Dirt region is like a big bowl of compost.  The better the soil, the better the produce!

We are fortunate to be able to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs in this extremely rich soil. We sell our produce exclusively through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where members receive a weekly box of freshly-harvested, sustainably grown vegetables from June through November.

The benefits of joining Hesperides Organica Farm:

This is all we do!  We only grow vegetables for our members!  We do not sell at farmer's markets, to restaurants or wholesale.  That means our members get the best of everything (and everything) that we grow!

Pick-your-own!  We have several acres of pick-your-own crops dedicated to our CSA members. Come once or several times during the season to pick your own fresh produce.  And bring the kids!

Great value! Members receive a bounty of vegetables each week for less than the cost of buying them at a farmer's market or supermarket – and they haven't been sitting in a warehouse or traveled 3000 miles.

It's fun!  And a great way to eat more vegetables and discover new veggies no matter what diet you follow –  Atkins, Vegan Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Paleo Diet, Primal Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Gluten-Free, Weight Watchers, TLC Diet, DASH Diet, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet or the Zone.

It's all about the food!