Hesperides Organica

He'll do anything on the farm as long as he doesn't have to get off the tractor.  But he does maintain all the equipment...a total of 42 engines (that means at least 42 oil changes per year!) His favorite part of the farm?  Horsepower.  ~ Albert

He likes distributing the vegetables to the members...and drinking his vegetables aka “green” drinks. Weeding, not so much.  When he's not working with the CSA, he'd rather be hanging with wolf dogs or birds of prey.  ~ Jacob

“I'm not so sure I want to work on the farm,” he said early on.  “I think it will interfere with my pursuit of other interests.”  Music (violin, clarinet and collecting vinyl records – King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator...250 and growing).  When he's not packing or delivering vegetables, he's deep under the sea in St. Croix. ~ Tyler

Besides eating vegetables and weeding a row on her hands and knees, her favorite thing to do on the farm is stand barefoot in the Black Dirt and enjoy the Big Sky. She also used to enjoy eating in the Big Apple until she realized all the famous chefs were buying Black Dirt vegetables and weeds, turning them into “farm-to-table” meals and selling them for $95. ~ Lisa